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I advise that people, colleges, business and all different sectors of our neighborhood take instant steps to be ready. DATA.There has been some concern expressed that we’re not being clear sufficient with the information. There merely isn’t a lot of knowledge either in regards to the virus itself, how and why it spreads so simply, how and why it causes such devastating illness in some folks, or the way it’s spreading here. For those that are deeply steeped in working with information, as I and my employees are, you realize that datasets have their very own personalities, their own strengths and their own weaknesses. You know that knowledge can both lead you to an approximation of the reality, or knowledge can mislead you and cause you to make incorrect conclusions and, due to this fact, take mistaken actions.

I hesitate to give you the following numbers, because to start with they’re a guess, and secondly as a result of some will suppose they’re too low to take motion. My best guess is that approximately 2-3% of the SMC inhabitants are presently infected or have recovered from the an infection. That’s around 15-25,000 individuals and they are everywhere in the county and in each community. I don’t consider this number is off by a factor of 10, but it might be off by an element of two to three.

This virus appears to be wildly transmissible particularly inside households or congregate settings. Your risk from contracting the an infection from any human you encounter in San Mateo County and out of doors your instant household continues to be substantial unless you’re taking all of the recommended actions to protect your self.

This relies on the information that many characteristics of the virus are unknown and that testing remains very constrained here. This requires us to synthesize estimates from very different sources of data that may be more qualitative in nature. People typically need information to have the ability to make informed choices about lowering their threat. The information we’ve, if it had been to be introduced to you on a extra granular level, could be misleading, and I consider, downright misleading.

County Health continues to work with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and our state and local partners to manage testing and monitoring of persons who’ve been exposed to COVID-19. But our focus is altering from a containment technique to considered one of community mitigation—taking steps to reduce the influence of the illness. County Health and our private and non-private partners are growing our capacity to respond and are planning for a sustained response to COVID-19.

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