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Some very smart individuals have put forth some standards that ought to be thought-about concerning tips on how to slowly unwind the SIP orders and we’re considering all of them now. Most of these choices have very limited underlying supporting information. One factor I do know is that releasing the restrictions on movement and gatherings too quickly, or in not an incremental sufficient way, will diminish the positive aspects we’ve made and can unleash the very thing we try to keep away from. Herd immunity is often 70-80+/-% based mostly on the characteristics of the disease.

Over the previous few days, I’ve instituted numerous aggressive measures to try to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community. I even have accomplished so as a result of time is of the essence and the kinds of measures carried out matter.

The two most important differences between a pandemic and other disasters are that the entire world goes by way of this disaster at the same time, and folks may turn out to be scared of other folks. The present COVID-19 outbreak clearly has the potential to turn right into a severe pandemic. Please read or reread my statements under from three/10/20, three/5/20, and 2/27/20 to get a better understanding of where we discover ourselves right now.

I have carried out these measures to stop the collapse of our healthcare system and to reduce demise of our loved ones from COVID-19. If we don’t take our next steps carefully, we will experience the worst of what this virus has to supply. What we’re being faced with, in our immediate future, are commerce-offs of the most vital kind. An effective vaccine or effective medical remedies would definitely make our path forward a lot easier, however neither of those appear to be available to us within the short or medium time period. There is not any playbook for the selections we face or the steadiness we must always try to keep up between these competing interests.

This scenario has impacted every side of our lives and can proceed to do so for a long time. By many accounts, there was extraordinary adherence to the Shelter-in-Place (SIP) orders which have been put into place here earlier than elsewhere within the country. There isn’t any excellent adherence, by any means, nevertheless it appears to be the major cause for lowering the speed of latest infections to a stable level.

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