Georgino Andrade

Text published in Correo #56
Translation from Spanish: Carolina Icabalceta

Georgino Andrade Rivera was the first of nine literacy volunteer teachers murdered by counterrevolutionaries commanded by CIA and Reagan’s administration during Nicaragua’s second liberation war, that is, the National Literacy Crusade (CNA), which took place from march 23rd to august 23rd, 1980.

One of the first steps carried out by the National Reconstruction Government Board ( Junta de Gobierno de Reconstrucción Nacional) right after the victory of the Sandinista Revolution of 1979 was the battle for literacy of Nicaraguan people in an all-out campaign which lasted five months. More than half of the population was unable to read and write, a fact considered by the revolutionary leaders as well as all honest people, as a major obstacle for the nation’s development.

During those 6 months of the popular revolutionary process, 51.2 % of illiteracy rate was decreased to 12.9%, according to UNESCO data, which granted Nicaragua, the Nadezhda Krupskaya medal in recognition to such effort.

28 years old Georgino Andrade, was from San Francisco municipality, in Chinandega Departament. He worked in the fields farming his own plots. He married Olga Medina and had five children. His crime: To commit himself to the task of alphabetizing his fellow brothers and sisters.